What I’m currently loving!




DeVita Solar Body Moisturizer– This is one of the first products I bought when I decided  I was going to be more conscious of my health and beauty choices and it is amazing! I love love love this stuff! Before buying this I never really wore a daily sunscreen but I can happily say this is already half gone and I will definitely be buying again! I love that this is not only fragrance free but also moisturizing as well.

Zum Rub in Frankincense & Myrrh- I purchased this after reading online about how great not only the smell is but also how it can be used as an acne treatment product. Seriously this has so many great uses all rolled into one little tin! I use this as a lip balm and well as a moisturizer for areas of dry skin. By far though my favorite use is on my face;. If I have a  bump forming all I have to do it rub this on before bed and it helps bring it up to the surface by morning! Truly amazing!

Juice Beauty CC Cream – I happened to find this sample when I was unpacking some things this weekend and was sooo excited! I have been wanting to try this product for so long now since everyone online has raved about it and let me tell you all those raves are right!!! This is a great cc cream and I love how it smooths away all imperfections! A must try for all!!!

Desert Essence Coconut Hand & Body Lotion– OMG! The moment I opened this up I was in love! The smell is amazing! Not only that but it also it thick , creamy and super moisturizing! I must purchase this in  full size !

One Love Organics Lavender Aromatic body serum- Okay so another product I was beyond thrilled to see I had a sample of as well! In case you are wondering… I have had numerous beauty box subscriptions and am only now getting around to trying their products out! Anyways I am loving  this product so much that I will need to purchase it before I run out so I don’t have to go without it!   This smells light and refreshing and makes my skin so soft when I apply it out of the shower. Looks for more One Love Organics product reviews in the future!


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