~Lip Balm Love~


 I have never been much of a lip balm lover but recently I have fell in love with not one but THREE different brands!  

Up first  is Mongo Kiss by Eco Lips. I first tried this one in the Vanilla Honey which I had received in one of my eco emi boxes and was amazed! Its very moisturizing and has the most amazing scent ! I was so surprised to find a lip balm that felt great on my lips AND smelled so great! When I later found that my local Whole Foods sold these I opted to try another flavor to see how it compared. I choose the Pomegrante but was somewhat disappointed. This one just  didn’t impress me very much, compared to the vanilla honey this was a watered down version. It doesn’t have much of a scent and to me is just somewhat bland. 

Secondly, like one of my previous posts mentioned I recently unpacked a bunch of samples from monthly box subscriptions that I had never tried and found a bunch of goodies. One of these goodies was  a small pot of Mox Botanicals Lip Butter in Pomegranate & Fig. Although I am not much of a fan of products in pots that I have to apply with my finger I am hooked on this one! Again this product not only has a great texture but an amazing scent to it! Its a great fresh and fruity scent , unlike the Pomegranate Mongo Kiss this one truly delivers a great fruity lip balm. 

Lastly my latest and greatest discovery is from In Love with Body Care. I found this brand while shopping at my local Natural Grocers and first purchased the Chai. This is honestly THE best moisturizing balm I have tried, I LOVE the texture and feel like my lips are silky smooth when wearing this. The scent is subtle which I actually like, its not overpowering and yet its not too bland. I actually went back a day later to try another one since I was so impressed!! Second time around I chose the Key Lime Pie and have to say it is another winner. They have so many flavors I can’t wait to try as well as a lip exfoliator that looks pretty awesome too!

Have you tried any of these? Is there another brand that you are loving that I am missing out on?


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